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Youth & Family Services

Our assembly abides by the ideal that our children are our future. In proclamation of this statement, our goal is to introduce our culture and tradition to the youth. Through the enhancement of understanding of their cultural and linguistic heritages, Ethiopian children and young adults will begin to adapt a sense of belonging within the community. By promoting the cultural aspects within our society, we hope to provide a developmental participation of children and enable them to find a middle ground between the American culture, in which many have been raised in, and their native culture.

We also work on engaging the youth in various programs that we hope will essentially provide an opportunity for them to be good and productive citizens and deter them from the temptations subjected on many young adults, such as the abuse of drugs, the involvement of gang violence, etc.

We have also come to know that children are the best advocates for other children. They can relate to people of their own age and share many interests. For this reason, our mission remains to encourage the participation of our young adults in mentoring children. In this sense, we hope to provide an interest for younger children to continue within our community, and essentially become those young adults who in turn become advocates for our mission. Through the involvement of youth, we assure the longevity of our program and acknowledgement of our work.

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