About Us - History

A brief History of the Ethiopian Community in Minnesota (ECM)

Ethiopian Community in Minnesota (ECM) was officially founded and incorporated in 1995. It was established after the recognition of the interdependence of all Ethiopians, and that through cooperative effort, individual Ethiopians and their organizations can experience and enhance their ability to make a difference in their own lives, the existence of their community and that of the state of Minnesota.

For nearly two decades ECM has been serving the Ethiopian community by bringing Ethiopians together. It also served the needs of thousands of Ethiopians by providing services including translation, advocacy, job counseling, housing, etc. Important amongst its purposes was also its assumed responsibility of empowering the various constituents within the Ethiopian community to embrace the legacy of their rich heritage, history and tradition. One such effort was the establishment of Amharic language classes for youth. In addition, ECM made attempts to seek the participation of women and the elderly within our community and took it upon itself to inspire Ethiopians to deepen their national feeling in order to lay the foundation for tolerance and cooperation for mutual benefit.

Throughout its existence, ECM did strive to include all members of the Ethiopian community regardless of their ethnicity/race, differences in age, gender, language, sexual orientation, religious background, or political affiliation. Also, ECM continues to reach out to the younger population of our community realizing that it is only through them that the sustainability of our community is guaranteed.

The Ethiopian Community has also represented its members at the annual Festival of Nations for the past five years by displaying the artifacts of the multiple cultures and ethnic groups of Ethiopia.

ECM is the only membership driven community organization representing all Ethiopians regardless of differences in age, ethnicity, language, religion, gender identity and or any other background.